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03 Juni, 2017

Police put Rizieq Shihab on wanted list

Rizieq Shihab
Jakarta Metropolitan Police investigators have put the leader of Islam Defenders Front (FPI), Rizieq Syihab, on the wanted list after being named suspect in connection with the alleged distribution of pornographic chats and pictures.

"The DPO (wanted list) was issued today," head of public relations division Senior Commissioner Argo Yuwono stated  on last Wednesday.

He noted that police investigators have several steps to take starting from sending a warrant, naming him as suspect, arresting, including him on the wanted list, and issuing a red notice in dealing with the case.
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Argo remarked that the investigators were currently holding a meeting to determine the next legal steps to be taken.

He explained that the police had put Rizieq on the wanted list because he was not available in the country.

The police had earlier issued an arrest warrant and visited the immigration office to collect information regarding Rizieqs whereabouts.

With regard to the polices decision to name him suspect, Argo revealed that the police have had two pieces of evidence to do it as required by the Criminal Code.

"One of the evidence is testimonies from witnesses and experts and the other is VCDs that have spread in the cyber world," he pointed out.

Written By: Antonius Rahu, Young Journalist and News Editor for online media in Flores East Nusa Tenggara indonesia.

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