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    Labuan Bajo is Being Prepared for Asean Summit and G20 Events

    congkasae.com | Editor: Antonius Rahu
    24 Januari, 2020, 11:01 WIB Last Updated 2020-01-24T04:43:51Z
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    Sunset in Labuan Bajo, Credit Congkasae.com

    The President of Indonesia Joko Widodo wants to ensure the readiness of Labuan Bajo as the location of the G20 and Asean Summit events in 2023.

    The president reminded various aspect in the development of Labuan Bajo. This is to ensure that the products offered are ready before being promoted.

    The president said that the most important thing was the development of Labuan Bajo becouse Indonesia wanted to make Labuan Bajo as the venue for international meetings.
    White Bridge credit congkasae.com

    For information, in 2023 Indonesia will be the host of the Asean Summit and G20.

    "The most important thing is we want to prepare Labuan Bajo as a venue for Asean Summit and G20 in 2023, so in the context of preparations that plan, everything should be planned, should be prepared from now," Mr president told this during his visit to Labuan Bajo.

    Meanwhile for the problem of the availability of the clean water the president said that 100 mili liters per second had been added.

    Jokowi also said that everything is being prepared by the minister of Public works.

    Previously the problem of the availibility of the clean water for local people in Labuan Bajo always become the headline news  on the mass media.

    Another problem that still happening in Labuan Bajo is about rubbish. For this case jokowi wants to make Labuan Bajo including around the sea defeneatly clean.

    Jokowi said that there are two types of rubbish in Labuan Bajo, the first one is rubbish on land, and the second one is in the sea.

    "For rubbish in the sea has been decided we will send here a ship to clean up (the rubbish) and starting in February the ship also will  move under the sea to pick up the rubbish. it must start dont let  rubbish in Labuan Bajo,"Said Jokowi.

    Last year an outbreak of dengue fever had occurred in Labuan Bajo at least 5 people dead. Fever spreads in Labuan Bajo due to the neglected wasted including rubbish.

    Author: Antonius Rahu
    Editor: Ninda