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    The Best Place in Flores Island That You Should Visit in 2018

    congkasae.com | Editor: Antonius Rahu
    01 Januari, 2018, 22:44 WIB Last Updated 2018-01-14T13:07:55Z
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    [Congkasae.com/Travel] Holidays become one of the eagerly moment for everyone. If you are someone that still seek some new destination in Indonesia, you have to read this article.

    Becouse on this edition we will offer you some new place in Flores Island that you should visit on your next holiday.

    1. Wae Rebo

    Wae Rebo becomes the most recomended place in Flores for your holiday, becouse this is the traditional village located in Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

    Wae Rebo village

    The people in this Village still living with traditional way, and this village still untouch by modern life style.

    By visited this village you will know the way of life of Manggaraians people in the past. Just 3 hours from Labuan Bajo you will get there.

    2. Kelimutu Mountain
    Kelimutu become the second place that you should Visit on your next holidays. Becouse this is one of  the unique mountain in Flores Island.
    Lake Kelimutu consist of three different colour

    Located in Ende Regency in central Flores, if you visit this mountain you will see the three beautyful lake on the top of the mountain.

    This is one of the popular lake in Indonesia, becouse three lake consist of three differences colour which red, black, and green.

    3. Batutara Volcano Mountain
    Batutara volcano mountain becomes the most recomended place to be visited on your next holiday.

    Located in Lembata regency, you will see the beautyful view when this mountain eruption.
    Batutara volcano mountain

    This mountain will erupt every 30 minutes, and usually followed by a small tsunami. woowww.....whats a beautyful view.

    you can see it directly, in front of  your eyes.