The Number of Visits to Komodo National Park Increase in 2017 -

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20 Januari, 2018

The Number of Visits to Komodo National Park Increase in 2017

[] Komodo National Park becomes one of the popular destination on 2017. The number of visitor to Komodo National Park have been increase throughout 2017.

According to head of Komodo National Park Mr Sudyonoin 2017, the number of tourist arrivals to Komodo National Park as many as 119.599 visits.

The number consisting of 43.949 visits by Foreigners and 75.650 visits by international.

"The number of visits is up 11,04 percent of total visits in 2016,"Mr Sudyono's add.

Mr Sudyono said, that the number of visits to Komodo National Park impact on increasing the number of non tax state revenue.

He also add that, in 2017, the number of non tax state revenue amounted to Rp 29 billion.

"This amount has increased when compared to non tax state revenue in 2016 which is only Rp 22 billion,"Mr Sudyono's add.

Therefore, Sudyono is committed to developing several tourist objects and attractions in the village of Rinca, Pasir Panjang . The plan of the project will work with the Government of Manggarai Barat regency.

"In addition for being alternative tourist destination in Komodo National Park, this also becomes one way to empower people and reduce pressure on a centralized region," he said.

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